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Luna Lapin's Friends by Sarah Peel introduces friends of Luna, a sweet, quiet and kind rabbit with impecable taste. 

Luna Lapin's Friends

  • Welcome to the charming world of Luna Lapin, a quiet and kind rabbit with impeccable taste.

    Learn how to sew your own felt rabbit along with her exquisite wardrobe including 20 garment and accessory sewing patterns. Choose from a perfectly tailored wool coat, matching tweed skirt and bag or pretty lace set. Don't forget the accessories – there are bunny boots and tiny French knickers to create. Luna even has the perfect pair of pyjamas for elegant lounging and a comfy armchair to relax in.

    You will be captivated by the stories surrounding Luna on her adventures as she goes for a job interview and visits the theatre. Her brother Alfie even makes an appearance in his own dapper outfit of jeans, waistcoat and tailored shirt. These adorable sewing patterns will appeal to the child in all of us and make beautiful heirloom gifts to treasure.

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